Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Chosen Route

We have decided on the horror genre for our trailer, heading down a period style paranormal horror. The atmosphere we want to achieve will be dark, sombre and in a classical style (e.g Black Sunday.)

The story will be loosely based around the true story of Kate Morgan who allegedly committed suicide on the stairs leading to the hotel beach. Her spirit remains there haunting the hotel, she is a lonely spirt longing for her partner to find her. In her solitude she lures men to die.

We have decided to go for long continuos shots leaving the audience in a chilling suspense (e.g The Omen (2006) trailer.)

Were exploring the idea of having a gradual transition within the interior of the hotel going from present day to 1892 (the date of Kate Morgan's death.) Ending with the woman's silhouette standing on the beach. Our intention will be to make the change subtle for example changing the furniture/wallpaper etc... or even going from colour to black and white.  


  1. Hey 'InkSlingers' (I really like this name btw!)

    I was banging on earlier about the great continuous tracking shot from Hitchcock's 'Frenzy' - and, oh look - isn't Youtube fab?

  2. also - obviously, it's early days in terms of your development, so while it's great you've got some solid ideas re. direction, be aware that the story process (i.e. writing your treatment etc.) may insist that your approach changes or accommodates adaptation. Get your story locked down asap - as that will give you what you're going to need (and things you may not have thought of).

    Another film reference that might be useful in terms of period detail is a very sentimental movie starring Christopher Reeve called 'Somewhere In Time' : it's actually a time-travel film, but, at its heart, it's a tragic love story. It's set in a hotel - the fashions and decor might be useful. It's worth tracking down the whole movie - but you'll need a hanky...