Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Stroy Draft 1

This idea came from our research of Kate Morgan and was one of our first ideas, we felt that it was the most resolved storyline and it has great possibilities visually (the Victorian silhouette of the woman in black.)
More of the story came when we uncovered that there was speculation of her death being a murder which brought a crime investigation.

Draft 1

A woman is raped and murdered in the hotel room, all that the audience see is parts of the attack through shadows and the scene ends with a gun shot.
(1920) aka ‘present day.’
Over the years the hotel has been finding guests mysteriously dying in the room 4589 every 7 years on the anniversary of the tragic death of Kate in1892 believed to be a suicide. Detective… finds an article in the news paper about the mysterious happening at the Hotel del Coronado and is curious about this case so he decides to go and investigate.
He requests to stay in room 4589, advised not to stay there by various members of staff he persists on his stay. Through various events he discovers what really happened to Kate and wants to help her unveil her murderer’s identity. He comes to find the culprit is the owner of the Hotel who used to work as a barman there.
The Detective confronts the owner and tries to get a confession, unsuccessful he fights him and drags him into the room.

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