Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Initail Story Ideas

  • Woman wanting to uncover her family history traces back to the woman at the hotel, she checks in the same day as the woman and over the stay weird things begin to happen and the suicide unveils as a murder.
  • Horror Spoof : Seance at the hotel and one by one they start dying from the awakened ghost.
  • Spoof Zombie attack, hotel turns out to be buried on an ancient burial ground.
  • Hotel was knocked down and rebuilt and a room that once existed in the hotel only appears to certain people concealing a secret.
  • The Hotel being the final resting place for souls and the room is the final doorway to crossover to the other side. (the Hotel is limbo)
  • Man visits the hotel on a business trip discovers the haunting at the hotel and is lured into the past thought dreams where the ghost woman will lead him to his death. 

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