Saturday, 15 October 2011

Another Storyboard

1)      Establishing shot of the Hotel
2)      Pull back to revel that the shot is actually a photograph in a frame
3)      Pull back further to reveal the detective looking at the photo.
4)      Pull back to reveal more of the detective and the wall (This wall could have lots of other photos that hint at the story)
5)      Cut away and fade into a long tracking shot of a hotel corridor
6)      Zooming in slowly to a door at the end of the corridor
7)      Close up of the door
8)      Cut to pitch darkness
9)      Door opens to reveal the detective 
10)   Pull back to establish that this is inside the hotel room
11)   Flash back to a silhouette of a man with a gun
12)   The detective siting, apparently drunk,  at a dresser table mirror
13)   The ghostly figure of a woman appears in the mirror
14)   Close up of the ghost woman
15)   Title + End Credits     

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