Monday, 24 October 2011

New Idea

Following our talk with Alan I have put together a rough idea for a new version of our trailer. In this version I attempted to begin as a typical noir and slowly introduce horror elements. I started by writing out a narration and then attempting to think of imagery to go with it.
Scene One
A sunken eyed, grave and serious looking man is sitting over his desk pondering over old newspaper clippings and case files. A small desk lamp provides the only dim light source. There is a half burned out cigar smouldering in an ash tray, a half empty bottle of whisky and a glass. On the front of the desk is a name plate that reads Warren Everett: Private Investigator. 
Narration: The police, politicians and the press said it was a cold case, a dead end, no leads and no hope.
A closer look at one of the newspaper clippings reveals the headline Murder at the Hotel Del Coronado.  There is a photo of a woman in Victorian era dress and another photo this one depicting the Hotel Del Coronado itself.
Narration: Some poor broad gets savagely raped and then shot dead at the Hotel Del Coronado. That kind of thing doesn’t go cold unless someone wants it to, someone powerful.
Scene Two
Warren Everett is standing outside the Hotel entrance and looking up at the looming structure. The rain is pouring heavily, the wind is blowing and the atmosphere is thick with humidity.
Narration: An anonymous client contacts the agency, offers a lot of money, askes for me specifically
Scene Three
Everett is perched on the edge of a hotel room bed his appearance is changed. He has an unkempt look about him, he is unshaven, his tie is loose and his shirt is un-tucked. More disturbing than his unkemptness is his facial expression, a fanatical grimace and a cold plotting stare.
Narration: I don’t regret coming here, even now, after… after everything.
The room itself is revelled to be unkempt to an even more bizarre degree. Empty alcohol bottles are lain out all over. Old newspapers and documents of various kinds are lain out across all surfaces including the floor.      
Narration: This place, this room, its secret, it opened my eyes.
A mysterious silhouette figure of a woman in Victorian clothing appears in the balcony area doorframe.
End Titles

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