Monday, 24 October 2011

Video Reference - Descending into Madness

In our group meeting with Alan we discussed that we were unsure of how to develop our animatic further because Phil commented saying it seemed to be more about the woman rather than the room, pulling us away from our given title. Alan directed us to change our focus from the woman to the detective in the story, meaning we could start the trailer as a typical noir then turning into a horror. He also put forward the idea of the transition being shown in the detectives sanity, the more involved he gets in the case the more mad he becomes which will leave the audience questioning the existence of the woman we want to show at the end of the trailer. 

Looking through some videos on youtube I found this video which is a clip from 'The Tell-Tale Heart' (1960) an adaptation of Edgar Alan Poe's novel. The sequence shows the main character Edgar being driven mad by his own guilt of murdering his only friend. I feel that the mise en scene of the house would be perfect for reflecting the atmosphere in our hotel such as the spiral patterns on the banister and lamp wallpaper etc. The feeling of paranoia is created by the continuous heart beat leading up to the floorboards pulsating, when music is introduced for the dramatic reveal lifting up the floorboards. A technique like this could be used for a trailer, with possibly a dripping tap or a ticking of a clock as our detective descends into madness.

Do you think there is anything else we could use from this clip or any other influences we can use? 

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