Thursday, 27 October 2011

German Expressionist Sculptures

Due to the slight clash between our character concept and our environment, we have decided to develop the character by making it more 3D and Textured. We decided that a good way to achieve this might be to look into German expressionist sculptures.
German Expressionist Sculpture by Stephanie Barron
I have discovered a useful resource for finding our character design development. It is a book called German Expressionist Sculpture and it is available online.

Ernst Barlach
Ernst Barlach is a German Expressionist sculpture. I think that his depictions of humans are very reminiscent of woodcut prints except with an added dimension. Taking inspiration from this style would mean we could fit the detective character with the environment without changing his fundamental look.


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  1. Barron, you are really a great German Expressionist Sculpture. All the sculpture explains the story with its expression.