Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Ring Trailer Breakdown

0.00 - 0.08 - Inside videotape machinery - Text 'There is a Video Tape"

0.09 - 0.13 - Slow pan down a hallway with inter cuts of white noise.

0.13 - 0.14 - Close up of creepy eye. Text "If you watch it"

0.14 - 0.17 - Boy sitting in front of a TV with more white noise flickering, walking down corridor

0.17 - 0.22 - Text "Seven days later you die" Flashed of boy watching the TV, well tape and white noise. Text inside a ring of light 'You Die."

0.22 - 0.23 - quicker flash of same images.

0.23 - 0.24 - running to boy in front of TV cuts out with the image of the ring.

0.25 - 0.28 - Black fading to a pan across country sea front.

0.29 - 0. 30 - sitting with the tape

0.31 - 0.32 day break though clouds

0.32 - 0.37 - Flashes of images - walking into a barn, fast moving clouds, eye and white noise, couple holding hands.

0.38 - 0.43 - boy waling up stairs, boat being pulled in through mist, clouds white noise tape, walking across a bridge, close up of TV screen.

0.43 - 0.45 white noise and really quick flash shot of ladder in an empty room and a house to woman standing at the bottom of a ladder.

0.45 - 0.49 - horse eye close up, shocked face, lights of people walking in the dark, falling over, drawing circles white noise to maggots, palm reading, talking and close up of protagonists face to creepy girl face. steady but fast pace.

0.51 - 0.54 -  Reflection in mirror - boy under umbrella, looking through files frantically, crying, people watching TV though flat windows, white noise.

0.54 - sitting with tape, swinging an axe, more white noise, boy drawing, writing, drawing over photo, close up of eye, Girl on TV speaks to camera.

1.01 - 1.10 -  Faster pace images - horse on boat, falling over, running horse with flashes of white noise, wake up, door handle, walking down corridor, girl sitting in room with water around her. more white noise foe 2 seconds covering images, stair well, shocked face, drawing, pavement with shadow, well, watching TV over someones shoulder, scream eyes close up, white noise. more repeated images getting faster.

1.11 - 1.16 - more extreme images of screaming, struggle against a horse and more screaming, white noise scream.

1.17 - 1.20 - silence  + the image of the ring

1.20 - 1.24 - scream actually beeping, white noise and images, black screen as though a t.v is turned off

1.24 - 1.27 - talking black screen.

White noise seems to be a common theme throughout the trailer breaking up the images becoming more intense as the images pick up pace towards the end, to a suspenseful silence and ending montage leaving the audience questioning about the images and the tape.

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