Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Ghost Woman

Starting to think what the ghost woman would look like, gathering ideas atm. The second drawing appears to be too young, thinking about the woman's age she will have to be in her mid 20's. She will also have to play the victim as well as come across as being menacing in the afterlife, for inspiration I will look at Japanese Horror films like the Grudge and Ringu.

Reference Images


  1. Honey i got the perfect ghost woman for you, It is eerie because when i. Was 5 a woman appeared to me , wearing a big hat that covered her eyes and most of her nose ( all i remember is her bright red lips and her cheekbones, she had dark brown to black curly/waves and she was wearing a trench coat (old fashion styled) that was black and buttoes up, she had on a black mini skirt, shiny/leathery, black fishnets and black boots . She hadher hands on her hips (or crossed) i dont remember anymore but her hands were either crossed or on her hips and her thighs were not skinny but. Thick and healthy (not thick as in fat ) she was around 5'7 + and in her 30 s . She looked like. Prostitute of the noire times.
    This was in los angeles and i saw her in 1988 (i think)